Hi, I’m Linda


I’m a lifelong learner and professional who cares about people. I have spent my career being a mentor and coach and being mentored. Whether as an Army Officer, Counselor to survivors of domestic violence, teaching English as a Second Language or a certified business continuity professional, all of it centered around, wanting a fulfilling career! One of my greatest joys is helping others find their ideal career, job or passion.

During this global pandemic, knowing and finding your passion and ideal path has become more important than ever? Do you need some guidance on how to navigate this new career landscape?

Once I figured it out, I brought as many along as possible and today I offer these career lessons, proven techniques, my knowledge of career development and expertise to others.

The career journey is not a straight path, it has been more like a jungle gym for so many. Let’s go together and FASTER. Look forward to hearing from you.

Phone/Text 862-215-8459 or email us at Contact@lindapace.net

Early on

I have loved photography all my life. I have the privilege of being a professional photographer and capturing beauty everywhere in people and places.


Located in South Florida and Virtually.